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Have you priced a new flats boat lately? A 21 foot skiff complete with a motor and trailer and a full list of options will set you back nearly $50,000. For most, it is hard to justify the outlay of that much money for a limited, single purpose boat. Many buyers choose to compromise and purchase a multipurpose bay boat that is a little larger, roomier and more comfortable riding but at the expense of why they wanted a flats boat in the first place - being able to reach the truly shallow areas where the redfish roam.

Mitzi Skiff Sales Mitzi Skiffs, made in North Carolina, answers the need for an affordable skiff that can take one or two people into the extreme shallow waters. Mitzi Skiffs manufacture basic skiffs to full blown tournament fishing machines ranging in size from 15 to 17 feet. All Mitzi Skiffs can be completely customized including tunnel hulls, hull color, side console or center console and a host of other options at a price that is affordable for everyone.